General Contractor

Specialized in construction, renovation, furnishing and civil and industrial systems, Bellaville Solutions guarantees 360 degree “turnkey” services.
The company guides the client in each phase, from consulting to design, until project completion, acting as a single supplier.
The team takes care of all activities involving entire buildings and structures, offices, retail spaces, industrial spaces, hotels and homes.

The technical office analyzes the project feasibility and presents all the technical documentation to the various competent authorities, obtaining all the relative permits, land registry, habitability and safety compliance. Furthermore, it drafts the technical accounting charts to obtain the exact quantification of the job’s cost analysis.

Defined by the press as the bank designers, Bellaville solutions is the partner of several Italian banks, for which it is listed as one of the major General Contractors of the sector.


Develop your idea
or your project with us

We’ll become the only supplier and will develop customized “turnkey” solutions based on your requests.


Start construction

We will take care of each phase of the job, from design to construction, without sparing any details.


Keep everything
under control

We will solve any problem and are able to respond to every need.


Receive your state
of the art project

We deliver “turnkey” commissioned work within the established timeline and with all requested solutions.